Privacy Policy

Xantia Software guarantees your security and privacy. All given information will only be used for distinct purposes and will not be distributed or shared other than what is necessary. Sharing of any information will only be done with our partners who adhere to Xantia Software’s commitment to give protection to your privacy. As such, you will be informed on how your private information will be used and kept secure.

1. Information Collected by Xantia Software

Xantia Software only collects information regarding your identity and preferences. Typically, the information we collect includes your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, IP address, and number and expiration date of the credit card. This information is used in purchasing our products. Any further information will be identified, and its purpose will be stated as well. Choosing not to provide the required information will not enable Xantia Software to fulfill any of your requests.

2. How Xantia Software Collects Information

Xantia Software receives and collects information through clients communicating with us using mediums such as emails or any writings; customer supports; direct mail campaigns which informs you about upgrades, promotions, new products, or special offers that may interest you; product registration, purchases made and surveys. In all the mentioned ways, clients are basically required to provide their personal information.

3. The Third Party Processors of Credit Card on Protecting Customer Information

To guarantee private policy for all of our clients, Xantia Software uses a protected server that is hosted by Avangate and 3rd party credit card processors responsible for all the encryption of the customers’ personal detail prior to sending it to us. Encryption is done to avoid any malevolent use of the customer’s personal information. The information of the encrypted credit card during the ordering process is deleted upon the completion of order. All information obtained is only utilized for product registration assistance.

4. Avangate

As aforementioned, Xanti software uses Avangate server, which is one of the latest and securest online payment services designed for the registration of software. This will provide customers with a secure and a fast online service.

5. Xantia Software’s Purpose of Requiring Personal Information

Xantia software requires each of their customers to provide their personal information for the purpose of registering the product. The information given upon registration will be used to keep a record of your products which will be used when providing you with support when you contact our customer relationship management system. This will also be used to inform you of product upgrades, promotions, new products or any other information that may interest you.

The provided personal information will also be used in sending you newsletters that contain articles and information that we consider as something that will interest you. It is also important for Xantia Software to receive feedback from customers with regard to our products and the features they are interested to see in our future products. Thus, we use your personal information in order to contact you about our newest product and the upgrades that may interest you.

Lastly, and most importantly, the information provided to us will also be used for our own internal statistics and analytical purposes. This will help us evaluate our customers’ preferences and purchasing trends which is vital in marketing our product and in our operations and development.

6. Cookies

Cookie is defined as a text file which a site writes in the hard drive. We use cookies in order to have better understanding about the services which are valuable to our customers. It works as an identification card for customers and it also records password, purchases and preferences. It lets the server of the web page know that customers have returned to it. A cookie can also determine details such as the daily visitors of our site and the most visited pages. Customers may actually change the setting in their browser in order to avoid cookies, but doing so may also prevent them from having full access to our web pages.