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    Get the Only Original DVD Shrink Software! Make a backup or burn a movie in one click. You can also save the DVD Shrink result as a file format in your hard disk.

  • DVD Player  DVD PLAYER

    DVD Shrink has its own Player so that you can watch any DVD in high resolution. Easy to use, DVD Shrink it's a complete software. Play, Burn and Shrink, all in one.

  • DVD Reauthor  DVD REAUTHOR

    We improved dvdshrink 3.2 version with more shrinking capacity and features. With Reauthoring you can keep or get rid of subtitles, menus, languages. Simple to use gives you more options today.

  •  DVD Burn


    DVD Shrink includes now also the Burner feature to burn CD, DVD, HD DVD & Blu-Ray. Create, Shrink Burn and copy any audio or video and data in one click!

  •   Bly Ray Converter


    Use DVD Shrink to convert or shrink any Blu Ray! Our Converter converts any Blu Ray DVDs to any format. Converts Blu-Ray movies to MKV, AVI, DVD and much more.

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Screen shots

System requirements

+ Finally you can shrink & backup any DVD!


Able to Backup your DVDs and movies!

Copyright is our first priority, dvd shrink is compatible with existing copyright laws!

You can select or remove subtitles and audio tracks in the movie.

DVD Compression with very with high quality of the movie.

Supports all regional movies codes.

Dvd Shrink fits a dual layer dvd in a single layer dvd.


For beginners and Advanced Users


Our software creates a ISO file of the shrinked dvd for a further processing.

5 software included with Dvd shrink: DVD reauthor, Dvd burner, Dvd player, Blu ray converter, Video converter!

Files are displayed as main movie, bonuses or episodes.

Special settings for advanced users are only 1 click away!


• Processor Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon (Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent recommended)


• 512 MB RAM with Windows XP 1 GB RAM with Windows Vista


• Hard disk drive with at least 4.3 Gbytes free


• Blu-ray reader/optical drive


Operating System

Any Windows version - 32 & 64 bit

DVD Shrink is a tool for fitting a dual layer DVD in a single layer DVD disc. Our Software is capable of both re-authoring and re-encoding the movie. It features an intuitive easy user interface which makes it easy to choose what to keep and what to lose. With the new features you can now Burn any CD, DVD and Blu-Ray or simply back up any CD, DVD into your hard disk. Moreover you can enjoy the integrated DVD Player!

Xantia Software


Copyright © Xantia. All Rights Reserved.

DVD Shrink software respect all copyright laws and does not work with original Dvds and has to be used only for personal use.

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