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Xantia Software

Xantia Software is a company that offers software specializing in user-friendly DVDs, video converters, and downloaders. Xantia provides high quality software that may be useful in accomplishing any kind of multimedia tasks. The products they offer includes the following: Xantia DVD shrink, Xantia DVD burner, Xantia free Youtube downloader, Xantia, blu ray converter, and Xantia video converter to iphone/ ipod/ipad.

Xantia DVD Shrink – one of the products that Xantia Software is offering is the Xantia DVD shrink program. It is a DVD backup tool used in compressing and copying your DVD movies. It can remove the DVD region and the copy protection of the DVD whenever you are copying it. With Xantia DVD Shrink, you can now copy a dual layer DVD that can reach up to 8.5GB into a single layer DVD that only reaches to 4.7 GB. Xantia Software also offers a wide variety of DVD shrink alternatives available in their website which include DVD shrink alternative for Mac, for Windows 8, for Linux and for all the other best DVD shrink alternatives.

Xantia DVD Burner – DVD burner is the best way in storing and preserving videos. It’s usually done by using software that specializes in burning videos and saving the video file in the DVD. Any videos taken with the use of a camcorder, mobile phone or even video that is downloaded from Youtube can be burned and stored on your computer or any gadgets you prefer to save your videos into. This will also give you the benefit of reducing the size of the video into a lesser one that will allow you to store it any gadgets without using so much space. Xantia DVD burner comes in different varieties and offers DVD burner for Mac, Windows and so much more. We respect copyright and we ask our users to do that too by not using our software for trademarked movies or wherever there is an existing copyright.

Xantia Free Youtube Downloader – Xantia free youtube downloader is completely a free youtube video downloader that lets you download any videos you like from Youtube. It’s a great tool that can download Youtube videos not for your PC. Apart from that, Xantia Software also offers free Youtube downloader software that can be stored in different formats and applications and in any windows environment.

Xantia Blu Ray Converter – Xantia Blu Ray Converter is an ultimately fast and all-in-one video and audio converter which lets you convert BD/AACS plus an all protected CSS-encrypted DVD and Blu-ray movies to popular audio and video formats like FLV, MKV, AVI, MP3, MP4, WMA, etc. You will surely enjoy watching them in any portable gadgets or smartphone like iphone, ipad and many more formats.

Xantia Video Converter to iphone/ipad/ipod – Xantia video converter to iphone/ipad/ipod is completely an intuitive and fast video and audio converter that can transfer and store any converted videos to iphone, ipad and ipod devices. With this software, you can easily achieve all your multimedia demands in all of the said devices anytime and anywhere you like.

These are just some of the best products that Xantia software offers. To achieve a great entertainment satisfaction, get any of these products now or contact our customer service for more information! Find our first press release here.